Out of the closet,

Into The Streets!

Our Streets. Our History. Our Community.

Science and data show us that history and culture are important drivers of tourism. As part of our long-term strategic planning, the Southern California Equality Business Alliance has come up with a list of projects it sees vital to enhancing the LGBT brand of San Diego as an important LGBT destination.


These projects are currently in various stages of planning and listed in no particular order. Learn how you can be involved in implementing these ideas by contacting us HERE.


  1. LGBT Sister City Program: Estimated Cost: $5,000. Negotiations are currently underway with LGBT leaders in Chicago, Reno, San Francisco, and Key West. An official announcement will be made in late May 2018.

  2. San Diego LGBT Legacy Walk: A historic walk of plaques and markers that recognize the history of the LGBT community. 30+ plaques would be installed on decorative poles. The plaques would be interactive and will be lit up at night. Modeled after the Legacy Project in Chicago. Planning and fundraising are currently underway for the temporary installation of the Traveling LGBT Legacy Wall. An official announcement will be made in late May 2018. Estimated cost over 10 years: $300,000+.

  3. Sylvia Rivera Street, Marsha P. Johnson Street, & Stonewall Inn Way: The proposal is for 9th & 10th Avenues in Hillcrest to be renamed after the historic Transgender activists that helped lead the Stonewall Riots. 7th Street could also be renamed Stonewall Inn Way. Rainbow Street Signs will be installed throughout Hillcrest and will coincide with the renaming of the streets. Estimated cost: $5000 + ongoing street sign replacement.

  4. Rainbow Welcome Mural & other public art projects that incorporate LGBT history. Estimated cost: $5,000.

  5. Marketing Advocacy Work: Encourage an increase in marketing spending by the San Diego Tourism Authority towards the LGBT travel market. Estimated cost: $20,000 over five years in industry membership fees and conferences at the local, state, and international levels.